Tips for extending the life of your candle....


Make sure that you can set aside an hour or two for your first burn so that the wax is melted all the way to the edges. Wax has a memory, so by doing this, you will get an even burn every time.


It's a great idea to trim the wick before each use (with the exception of the first). The best way to do this is to tip your candle upside down when it's completely cooled and to take off the little burnt part with a tissue. If you do decide to trim with scissors, make sure to not cut it shorter than 1/4".If any of the debris falls in your candle, remove it before you burn.


Let your candle cool and harden completely before re-lighting it.

This takes about 2 hours.


It's always smart to burn your candle on a hard level surface that's away from fabrics and out of children's reach, doggy tails, and curious kitties. Try to avoid burning in the direct line of an AC unit, vent, or fan as this can create an uneven burn.